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Oiran Dream Free Spins

Oiran Dream is a casino slot with a pachislot-style theme inspired by the courtesans of the Edo period.

It features stunning graphics that beautifully depict the elegance of the Oiran and the traditional Japanese culture, attracting players. Additionally, it includes special features like free spins and bonus games, allowing you to aim for high payouts.

With the convenience of playing on your smartphone, you can enjoy this video slot anytime and anywhere. This game, which exudes an adult atmosphere, is highly recommended for casino slot enthusiasts.

Oiran Dream Rules

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Oiran Dream has simple rules, making it easy for even beginners to play. It eliminates complex settings such as coin values commonly found in traditional video slots, allowing you to start playing immediately by only setting the bet amount per spin.

To set your bet amount per spin, click the $ button below the reels. Bet amounts can range from $0.20 to $100. Once set, all you have to do is spin and immerse yourself in the world of the Oiran!

Oiran Dream also provides useful features for players, including game speed adjustment and autoplay mode, which you can use as needed.

Oiran Dream Free Spins & Bonus Round

Big Win Oiran Dream

Oiran Dream offers 3 Free Spins & Bonus Rounds:

Let's explore the characteristics of each feature.

Oiran Rush

"Oiran Rush" is a free spin round that triggers when 7 pink symbols align, and it is known for its high continuation rate. Although the number of free spins is 7, the high continuation rate often leads to more than 7 free spins, increasing your chances of winning!

Crest Bonus

"Crest Bonus" is a bonus round that randomly activates during the base game (normal round). When the Kamon Bonus is triggered, a roulette wheel will appear on the screen. Roll the dice, spin the roulette, and enjoy an exhilarating experience. The round ends when you reach the "end" or the rainbow 7 symbol in the center of the roulette wheel. If you land on the rainbow 7 symbol, you will proceed to Doki Doki Time.

Doki Doki Time

Oiran Dream Slot Pounding Time

"Doki Doki Time" is a bonus round that activates when you collect 7 rainbow symbols. Press the push button to roll the dice, and the amount of prize money you can win depends on how many squares you advance. Choose a square to move forward and win prizes. However, be cautious as landing on a demon square will cause you to lose your prize money. If you reach the final square, you have the chance to win a big prize.


Oiran Dream is a casino slot inspired by the Oiran of the Edo period. It offers simple rules and stunning designs. With an array of free spins and bonus rounds, such as high-continuation free spins and thrilling roulette experiences, it aims to provide significant payouts. Enjoy the world of Oiran at your convenience on your smartphone, anytime and anywhere! offers a wide range of video slots beyond Oiran Dream, so you can find your favorite machine.
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