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Moon Princess 100 layout

Moon Princess 100 is the pinnacle game among's casino slots.

Released as a sequel to "Moon Princess", this game offers even more explosive elements! With multipliers up to 100x and up to 100 free spins, it's easier to win big rewards. explains how to play "Moon Princess 100," also known as "Munpuri 100".

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Basic Information about Moon Princess 100

The specifications of Moon Princess 100 are as follows:

The most eye-catching feature is the maximum payout set at 15,000x! The game's high volatility makes it a thrilling casino slot with explosive excitement when you win.

Also, pay attention to the design!

Playingo is famous for producing video slots with high-quality graphics, and this game is no exception. The creation of anime-style bishoujo warriors has captured the hearts of the Japanese.

How to Play Moon Princess 100

Moon Princess 100 Bonus Features

This casino slot is cascading, and payouts occur when 3 or more of the same symbol line up vertically or horizontally.

When a payout occurs, the symbols disappear, and the ones on top drop. As a result, you can get small wins again and expect a chain of payouts!

Please note that only Princess symbols will receive payouts, even if different Princess symbols are lined up.

Experience the excitement of Moon Princess 100 now!

Explaining the Attractive Features of Moon Princess 100!

Enjoy the game experience out of space with Moon Princess 100! We provide you with all the information you need to win on this thrilling video slot.

Wild Symbol

When all symbols disappear, a wild symbol appears in the center of the grid! This symbol can replace all other symbols, boosting the payout chain and increasing your chances of winning big.

Slot Multiplier

For each successive chain, the multiplier increases by x1. In Moon Princess 100, the multiplier can go up to x100 compared to the previous x20!

Girl Power

Disappointed with non-paying spins? In such cases, the beautiful girl warrior on the right side of the screen will help you with magic.

Each of the three princesses has a special ability called Girl Power, which is randomly activated on non-paying spins.

Disappointing spins may turn into lucky spins thanks to Girl Power. Keep spinning!

Trinity Meter

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The meter at the bottom left of the screen fills up when you get the high-paying Princess symbols. When the tank is full, the trio's combination technique "Trinity" will be activated!

In Trinity, a respin will occur first. And when the chain stops, 3 girl powers are activated in turn.

Thanks to Trinity, if you eliminate all non-wild symbols, you will receive free spins!

By the way, if you can't clear everything during Trinity, you won't get any free spins. However, you can win 50 times your bet amount if you manage to eliminate everything in a regular game other than Trinity.

"Erase Everything" is the number one highlight of Moon Princess 100! Don't forget to take a screenshot when you clear the grid!

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Free Spins

Here's how Moon Princess 100 Free Spins work

In Moon Princess 100, you can choose between 3 princesses when entering the free spins.

Choose carefully as the number of free spins you can get varies.





During Free Spins, Girl Power is activated for the selected Princess on all non-paying spins. Plus, you can get extra free spins when you fill the meter.

The maximum number of free spins you can get in Moon Princess 100 is 100!

Also note that during free spins, the multiplier will continue to accumulate instead of resetting after each spin.

With Girl Power activating every time, ever-increasing free spins, and ever-increasing multipliers, you can aim for big payouts!

This is how to play Moon Princess 100, after that, let's actually play and experience it firsthand! Beautiful girls are waiting for you.

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Please note that while these suggestions highlight potential reasons why players might choose to play the Princess Moon slot at these casinos, individual preferences and experiences may vary. It's always recommended for players to conduct their own research and choose a casino that aligns with their specific needs and preferences. Wealth Casino recommend you sign up to multiple casinos and try them out for small money before choosing your favourite!

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