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Golden Ticket 2 Slot

Golden Ticket 2 is the latest installment in the Golden Ticket series from Play'n Go, and a long-awaited new title for fans of the series.
While inheriting the charm of the previous work, this work that has undergone a new evolution provides more enjoyable gameplay.
For example, a circular gauge is displayed on the left side of the reels, and new features have been added, such as the gauge rising when a payline is aligned with character symbols, and a wild symbol appearing on the reels.
It also features the long-awaited free spin round, which was not in the previous game, and you can choose from 3 character symbols.
A must-see game for fans of the Golden Ticket series.

Golden Ticket 2 Rules

Golden Ticket 2 is one of the video slots that can be played with relatively simple rules.
The basic method of playing is the same as the previous work, and the reels spin by selecting the bet amount and pressing the spin button.
You can also use the auto play mode, which automatically performs the number of spins set by the player.
Golden Ticket 2 has no paylines and instead uses a cluster pay system. In other words, you win when the same symbols are next to each other.

What's New in Golden Ticket 2

Golden Ticket 2 seems to be similar to its predecessor, but there are many differences.
Let me show you the big difference.

Trigger Wild Symbols When the Gauge is Full!

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In Golden Ticket 2, you'll notice a circular gauge on the left side of the reels. This gauge fills up as you achieve cluster wins with character symbols. Once the gauge is full, wild symbols will appear on the reels, providing you with more winning opportunities. Unlike regular symbols, wild symbols can substitute for any symbol to form winning combinations. Additionally, winning with wild symbols often results in higher payouts compared to regular symbols. The specific multiplier applied to the wild symbol depends on the character type to the right of the reels, as indicated below:

Experience the Highly Anticipated Free Spin Round!

Golden Ticket 2 Bonus

In Golden Ticket 2, a new and exciting addition is the long-awaited free spins round. During this round, the letters BONUS are concealed behind the symbols on the reels. By aligning the paylines and eliminating the corresponding symbols, you can trigger the free spins round. Once activated, you'll have the opportunity to choose from three different character symbols, each offering unique multipliers and a specific number of free spin rounds. Opting for a male character grants more free spin rounds and higher multipliers, while selecting a female character provides fewer free spin rounds but higher multipliers. Keep in mind that during the Free Spins round, you can also obtain Wild symbols by filling up the gauge.

Bonus Round with Multipliers

Golden Ticket 2 not only features the exciting free spins round but also introduces a bonus round with multipliers. In this bonus round, the letters BONUS are hidden among the symbols on the reels. Aligning the paylines and clearing the corresponding symbols grants access to the bonus round. The multiplier applied in the bonus round varies based on the character type appearing on the reels. When a clown symbol appears, the multiplier is x2, for male symbols it's x3, and for female symbols, it's x4. Additionally, during the bonus round, you have the chance to obtain Wild symbols by filling up the gauge. has tons of video slots available, including Golden Ticket 2. We also provide information about slot machines, including slot guides and how to play. If you're interested, visit slots page and search for your favorite casino slots.

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