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Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus is a mythical casino slot featuring Zeus from Greek mythology!

There is still more to see at the Gates of Olympus! One of's longest-running slot games because you may win big too.

Basic information about Gates of Olympus

Speaking of the characteristics of Gates of Olympus, it is said that if you win, it will be big and the rumored high volatility! It is a perfect slot for those who want to aim for high return with high risk.

In addition, there are no paylines like a typical pachislot, but if 8 or more of the same symbols land on the reels, a payout will occur! New symbols drop from above to fill the gaps.

For scatter only, be sure to check that 4 or more payouts will occur!

Gates of Olympus Normal Symbols

Let's take a look at the Gates of Olympus symbols!

There are 9 types of normal symbols. The crown, hourglass, ring, and holy grail are 4 high-paying symbols!

The highest payout is the crown symbol, and if 12 or more fall, the payout is guaranteed 50x.

Keep in mind that gems like rubies and sapphires are low-paying symbols.

Scatter symbol

Gates of Olympus Scatter

The scatter symbol has a picture of Zeus on it!

Only for this symbol, a payout will occur if 4 or more fall. If the maximum 6 pieces fall, you will receive a 100 times dividend.

Gates of Olympus Featured Features

So far, the basic ki is perfect.

Next, let's take a look at the features you definitely want to get if you play Gates of Olympus.

Zeus' Thunder

The first Gates of Olympus feature you should know about is Zeus' Lightning.

Zeus' Lightning feature is triggered at random times! Random symbols are given multipliers.

If you can make a small win with symbols of the same color as the multiplier, your payout will be multiplied by the multiplier number. This feature is great not only for regular rounds but also for free spins!

Gates of Olympus Free Spins

Olympus gate slot features

Once you land 4 or more scatter symbols on the reels, the long-awaited free spins begin!

Zeus' Lightning feature will occur more frequently during free spins, and the multiplier will be even stronger.

If you successfully double your payout with the multiplier during the free spins, the multiplier will accumulate in the box labeled 'Total Multiplier' on the reels.

Furthermore! If you manage to double your payout with the multiplier again in subsequent rounds, your payout will be multiplied with the accumulated multiplier.

For example, if you have a total multiplier of 50x and pay $10 with a multiplier of x2!

50 x 2 x $10 = $1000 payout in one fell swoop. The multiplier is often higher than 50x, so if you're looking for a high payout in Gates of Olympus, this is a must-see feature!

And get 5 extra spins if you land 3 or more scatters during the free spins.

Anti Bet Feature

m88 slot

Big news for those who want to get to the free spins faster!

Gates of Olympus has two shortcuts to free spins:

The first is the anti-bet feature. By paying an additional 25% of your bet amount, you double the chance of scatters appearing!

Buy Free Spins Feature

There is also a way to buy free spins on Gates of Olympus.

You can buy free spins by paying 100x your bet. However, this method is risky and should be used with caution.

Entering the free spins is important for the high payouts at Gates of Olympus. And if you can increase the multiplier during the free spins, you can win higher payouts.

Using the Ante Bet feature can increase the chances of a scatter appearing. With the Buy Free Spins feature, you can take the risk and get into the free spins.

Let's make full use of these features and aim for big payouts in Gates of Olympus!

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